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I just wanna say thanks to everyone here for the pleasant company over the past few months. This forum is like a breath of fresh air compared to the others I've tried - it's so nice to find somewhere

Setlist wise, the last four years have been a goldmine. We've had:  -At least one song played from every album  -The return of A Sort of Homecoming, Exit, Staring At the Sun, Wild Horses, etc. 

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Late arriving for this thread - I'm on vacation/holiday right now.

Whatever the cause, fog machine and/or the vagaries of human existence, Bono will be back and stronger than ever. If the beneficent people of Germany were able to fix his back (some of the medical ones anyway), the positive vibes from the people of Berlin, of Germany, of Europe, and of all U2 fans everywhere will get him through.

I'm just very happy that there are stops in Germany later in the tour - that makes rescheduling this show a lot easier.

When I saw The Police reunion tour back in 2007/08, Sting lost his voice somewhat regularly (in fact, the show where I was supposed to see them originally in Philadelphia was one of the ones that was rescheduled due to his losing his voice). He got through that just fine, and, until U2360, that was the biggest grossing tour of all-time due to the countless shows they did.

All love to Bono and his angelic voice! :POP_Heart_02: (...and an honorary MacPhisto - I'm glad he available to be chosen :Euro_Machphisto:

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Was watching footage of last night's show when I saw that tonight's show got axed. Hope Bono's okay and gets the rest he needs. Obviously I'm hoping he's alright for the rest of the tour and for London in a couple of months but completely understand if they have to make cancellations/postponements. Just hoping it's nothing serious. 

All that said, the show last night looked and sounded incredible. The new intro is fantastic. Super happy to have Red Flag Day back in the set and the other SOE songs sound better with each show. I'm sad to see Staring at the Sun get dropped but Summer of Love sounded excellent. I LOVE the new version of New Year's Day although nothing beats last year's Joshua Tree tour version as far as I'm concerned. All the other parts of the show still push exactly the right buttons. 

Great show last night, and hope Bono's okay.

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3 hours ago, mich40 said:



3 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:



Could the U2 shop please make these available to buy for us? I'd buy that Berlin t-shirt and the postcards in a flash! You could offer both pretzel-loaded and pretzel-free versions too. ;)

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We're so sorry for tonight's cancellation.  Bono was in great form and great voice prior to the show and we were all looking forward to the second night in Berlin, but after a few songs, he suffered a complete loss of voice.
We don't know what has happened and we're taking medical advice.
As always, we appreciate our audience's understanding and all our fans' support in Berlin and those who travelled from afar. We will update you very soon.
Adam, Larry and Edge


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Some footage from tonight. During The Blackout he sounded good, great even. 

Red Flag Day. At 0:23 you can see the exact moment he realises something's wrong, up to that point it's fine but when he attempts that high note his voice just goes. Props to the crowd for singing so loudly to a song that's less than a year old. 

Bono explains that he's lost his voice, so the band attempt Beautiful Day with a little help from the audience (seriously, if this is what all U2 audiences in Berlin are like I wanna go!). Afterwards he apologises to the crowd and explains they need to take a break so figure out what's up (and then 40 minutes later it's announced the show gets cancelled. 


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