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Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

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This was amazing.  I feel like I went on a tour.  Thanks to everyone for such wonderful camaraderie during all of EI.  Thanks for the insights and laughter.  Thanks for telling me things about U2 I had not known. 

Many thanks to Bigwave and Max and Mich40; great minds and big hearts is a most potent combo.  You are very much appreciated. 

Everyone be safe, happy, healthy and strong.   Here's to peace for all of us.

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Setlist wise, the last four years have been a goldmine. We've had: 

-At least one song played from every album 
-The return of A Sort of Homecoming, Exit, Staring At the Sun, Wild Horses, etc. 
-The live debuts of Red Hill Mining Town and Acrobat 
-A song from Pop FINALLY making a return as a regular (even though it wasn't for the whole tour) 
-9 out of 11 Songs of Innocence 
-12 out of 13 Songs of Experience 
-The entirety of The Joshua Tree 
-3 quarters of Achtung Baby 

Never say they don't spoil us!

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1 minute ago, pollyanna said:

Got back just in time for the last three song. 

Thanks everyone for the company on this tour  ❤️ I’ve had a great time. 

I'll see you around....some more than others  ❤️


I'm glad you got back to the show and hope your horse is feeling much better.

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