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Best Place to Stand?

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Any suggestions on the best place to stand - On the I&E tour stood by the round b stage one night and down by the front for another show - both were great when the band were there - but lost a bit of the atmosphere when they weren’t! 

Is in the middle of the long stage better or is that the worst of both worlds??

Will be at Lisbon (1st night) and London (both nights)

Any thoughts?


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I think the thing about this tour is, because of the way the stage is set up, no matter where you are in the room there'll always be at least one member of the band near you at any one time. Bear in mind also the visual elements of the show - at the two IE shows I went to I was near the front and near one side of the dividing stage, so it was great to see the band up close when they were all on the main stage, but I wasn't able to see Bono inside the screen during Cedarwood Road and I had to stand on tiptoes to see the band when they were on the b-stage together. 

To cut to the point, if you're all about being as close to the band as possible then your best bet is near the front of the main stage because that's where they'll be 80% of the time. If you want to catch every single visual cue in the show your best bet would probably be about halfway down the stage, probably further towards the edge of the audience. I'm going to be at night 1 in London and I'm still debating which would be better myself!

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It also depends on your height. 

I'm quite short. I travelled from Australia to Paris for the show and made the mistake of buying a red zone ticket. In Australian dollars after conversion, that's over $500. I am on a teacher salary. To me, this is a lot of money.  I would say that I could not see anything of the band for at least 50% of the show (actually I could see Larry a bit more than the others), except the screen and as that doesn't always reflect what's happening on stage, it was a bit of a let down.

They did not spend 80% of time on the main stage at the front, it was more like 30%. And what's more, if you are on the left side (Edge side) then you also have to contend with a large video camera that goes up and down on a pole and pretty much obscures Bono for most of the time. I was pretty disappointed. I don't think it was worth that amount of money for the 5 seconds they came close enough to snap a photo...and then I wonder, is that what we're all there for or the music? Also, you have to contend with others holding up their phones and blocking your view unless you are right at the very front.

Something else that made matters worse, was that when the band when to the round stage at the far end, people started climbing up on the central barrier, which meant anyone behind them could not see past them. It was not a good set up and really the only redeeming factor was that the money from the ticket goes to RED. 

I am going to the last show tonight also and am so glad I bought  a cheap seat (was still over $200 AU) up in the rafters. I strongly suspect that this is going to be better visually and sound wise, as there were times last night when I could not hear Bono's vocals at all. That giant cage/screen thing seems too big for these venues. Isn't it more for a stadium?

It was pretty clear that people around me were equally disgruntled and trying not to complain/say anything....but really. Of all the U2 shows I've been to, that one will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The set list seems a bit dippy too.

Bono's voice was fabulous. Edge and Adam and Larry always the professionals that they are and it was great to see Larry mobile :) I liked the inclusion of Until the end of the world and Acrobat. I loved the inclusion of Gav singing HM,TM,KM,KM during the animation sequence and I am really happy they kept Cedarwood Road in the set list. I think the Macphisto segment works really well and after all, it's U2. They never do a bad show. It's just the logistics of actually being able to see them during the show, which is after all why you go to see the band play. 

Also...I have some photos of the obscuring video camera if you want me to upload one...It sort of became my nemesis during the show :) 

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I thought I'd give an update after the show last night. This time I was sitting in the rafters and although it was terrifyingly high and far away, I actually saw the whole show in all its glory. This show was designed to be seen from afar. Comparing the two experiences is like night and day. When I was standing in the RZ I missed probably 75% of the visual content of the show - its just too close to see anything well. They really need a screen at the front. I had no idea what was going on down at the B stage when I was in front of the main stage in the RZ. The band were fantastic and the whole tone of the show felt on-point. It was interesting that they released the book pages during the 3rd show but not at the 4th...

Last night was most memorable. Thanks U2.

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