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Lisbon Live Thread #U2eiTour

Max Tsukino

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Marta Jobling from U2Portugal kindly sent via email her review for the second Lisbon show, to be shared with the community:



There was more than a light above Lisbon… there was LOVE!

After an emotional first date (“it was a long wait’ Bono said - since 2010 when 360º Tour stopped by in Coimbra), the second gig in Lisbon was “stratospheric, galactic, powerful, inspiring”, on fans words.


The happiness of the band on stage (oh boys you can’t deny it because we could feel it) and the Bono’s first words - “Yesterday we had the most excited audience, during this tour” encouraging the crowd to do it all over again, made the Altice Arena the most happiest and loudest place on earth.


The Blackout started a crescent enthusiasm that had its high moment on I Will Follow and the replacement of Red Flag Day for All Because Of You didn’t cool down the feelings, otherwise increased the hysteria for Beautiful Day.


With The Ocean, Iris (Hold me Close) and Cedarwood Road, the venue had its first emocional moment but Sunday Bloody Sunday made the people leave the ground until Even Better Than the Real Thing.


Before Acrobat, the crowd was reminded by Mr. MacPhisto the black days of fascism, in Portugal, during over 40 years. Do we want to get back that time? Of course not! “This place stinks… democracy”, the devil said. We are pleased to hear that!


The U2 fans know this is not only about music. This is about freedom, respect, equality… this is all about love!


“Don't believe what you hear; Don't believe what you see; If you just close your eyes;

You can feel the enemy”, and… the apotheose!


The Arena turned, again, the loudest place on earth with Pride (In The Name Of Love), New Years Day and City of Blinding Lights.


The encore ended up with 13, when Bono with his almost perfect portuguese accent left the venue saying “foi muito fixe” (it was so cool).


There was music, there was tears (of joy) but, above all this, there was lots of love.


Please, come back soon.

Have a beautiful day,

Love from Lx



she also sent a few photos from the Portuguese fan community:

Lisboa 01 Susana Silva.jpg

Photo: Susana Silva

Lisboa 02 Francisco Cordeiro.jpg

Photo: Francisco Cordeiro

Lisboa 03 Francisco Cordeiro.jpg

Photo: Francisco Cordeiro

Lisboa 04 Francisco Cordeiro.jpg

Photo: Francisco Cordeiro

Lisboa 05 Luis Ferreira.jpg

Photo: Luis Ferreira


Many thanks to Marta, Susana, Francisco, Luis and everyone, everyone, everyone in U2Portugal...

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I bought 2 RED zone tickets for the Lisbon Sep. 16 show in the official released date last January. The price was 325€ each ticket.

When i bought then on January they where de most expensive tickets the show had to offer. On the description there was promised several benefits like:

- "VIP entry on the building" (the information we received last Friday was that the check in was at 17.30h and we will enter the building at 18.15h. Sunday we entered the building at 19.00h. We waited 90 minutes standing up in line in the sun under 30 degrees temperature. This is not VIP treatment). There were no seats in the RED Zone so we had to wait another 2 hours standing up for the beginning of the show.

- "Access to RED stand for refreshments" (The "RED STAND" was a lady with a backpack selling water)

- "Extremely limited capacity" (The Red Zone area was completely crowded).

- "Reserved area nest to the stage" - The reserved area was completely on the side of the stage. The blueprints of the building shown when i bought de tickets don't match the actual delimitations we found on location (see attachment). The general public on the ground that payed 3 times less actually had a much better view of the stage and blocked our view. They entered the building ahead of us.

 - The security officers in the Red Zone where very concern making sure the people on the RED Zone did not block the view of the general public in the rear that payed 3 times less. Including a child that was not allowed to stand on is father shoulders.


I am a person with 85% disability and for me it is very hard to waite standing up. I am also a short person so when on a flat crowded space it is very hard for me to see the stage  That´s why i bought this expensive tickets. The experience i got in return was no way near what i was expecting and i payed for and was promised on the benefits description . It is sad that U2 treat their fans like that.


I talked to a reporter that was on the RED Zone and she could not believe the conditions we where in and how much we payed for our tickets.


I hope U2 will do something about this.

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22 hours ago, dmway said:

If you look at the post before my last post, Max put a sample of the shirt in Lisbon (they all have the same design) - the price there says 40€. I’d imagine that the price would be the same all across continental Europe.

The poster is identical to the t-shirt artwork. If you look in the corner of the post you originally quoted, you’ll see one in the upper-right corner. I remember people talking about these in the Berlin and Cologne show threads - maybe someone put the price in there.

Thank you so much ...so you buy each separately. Cushty! 

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