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Long story long - in January this year, I purchased a 2018 U2.com Gift Subscription for my girlfriend, so she can register her own account and we get an extra pre-sale code for the I+ tour. Item description - U2TGCLB U2com13 Standard New Membership: 2018 Gift. Unfortunately, despite what the order confirmation, invoice and U2.com Shop description said the code could not be redeemed for a 2018 subscription. Instead, it could be redeemed only for 2017 subscription gift - which is not what was purchased.. All my attempts to get this resolved were futile, as I was given a runaround by the customer support. If I sent an email, they sent me to complete contact form on U2 Shop. If I completed the Shop form, I received a reply that they're unable to help and I should call. If I called, it's either no reply or agent just wrote down (supposedly) my info and will have some one call me back. No one ever did call me back. 

The giveaway! So, here we are today. I have the code still available and it can still be used to redeem for a U2.com 2017 subscription. If you are a free subscriber and would like to become a member, leave a comment here. I'll check back in a few days. And from all eligible comments I'll draw up one lucky winner. There are only two rules to participate, you must not be a current paid member (duh) and must have an account that's at least 3 months old.

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