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Boring and Predictable

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Repeating the same segment from the innocence tour for the major portion of ei tour was in my opinion a misjudgement. Not that it wasn't enjoyable  but i just thought why is it being repeated. This was supposed to be about experience this time round. Despite the fancy screen i actually didnt look at it much during the show, and if you were behind the stage at either end  you wouldnt have seen it much anyway. So the songs have to carry the day and that middle portion from the innocence tour badly needed change, assuming you had been at the innocence tour. My original vision for an experience tour was that it was an ideal opportunity to play some stuff from Pop again..gone/last night on earth/please.  Glad they changed it in the last 6 weeks or so, seems like they were just starting to get in the groove and think what the experience tour should be about. Bit late though for those who had already gone.

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I thought the repetition of much of the i+e set was a bit odd too,

My only concern now is that they seemed to go quite move quite heavily towards Achtung Baby which may mean an AB anniversary tour is now less likely?

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