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Oh my god where do i start!

Arrived in Manchester and got our hotel sorted, few pre drinkies and off we went looking forward to a great gig

We have done Red Zones 4 times before so we knew the score, we picked up our envelope that had our tickets in (possibly), bands and lanyards and headed to the security part where my wife got stopped as her jacket was making the hand scanner thing go mental, she commented on this politely and jokingly but the security guy surely had never heard a Scottish accent before and thought it perhaps aggressive, and called a supervisor women over who asked her if she had had a drink, she said yes to which the security said "well then you are obviously inebriated and Im not letting you in, she needed to sober up for some reason? (50 somethings being told by teenagers to sober up doesn't go down well?) One steak bake and a water later (15 mins) we go back and try again.......

Wheres your tickets? ....ummm we have an envelope and a receipt , we have our bands and lanyards.....but no actual ticket? , now whether we never had tickets in that envelope (due to my mate ordering them for me using his name for his tickets and mine, but using my credit card?) or whether they took them initially when we tried to get in were not sure cause of the shit that was kicking off at the time.

So there we are standing at security, Mr jobsworth not wiling to see that a clerical error has taken place, in fact being an utter c***(he even used last years bombing as a reason) meanwhile my wife getting more and more upset (shes had family problems and this was her break from all that crap) I explained we have followed u2 for 30 years ,not missed a concert,we have traveled from Scotland, this trip cost us £1000 plus, still they wouldn't look into it for us other than speaking to the woman who gave us the envelope.

In the end he said to us "Ive had enough of you now, you need to go " well that was enough , my wife was not having that and she refused , so he threatened to call the police, we still stood firm, we had paid over £500 for RZ tickets and we were getting shafted! Police arrived, a young guy, we felt sorry for him as it was a bit awkward so we walked with him back into the station, I must admit I actually broke down and cried at one point, , meanwhile our friends were now in the Red Zone texting us asking what was happening.

We were sitting at the opening to the station and we heard a tout offering tickets so we asked how much, ( i would never go with a tout but these were unusual circumstances) £100 for 2 seated tickets, we bought them and preyed they were not fake!

Got in  (we were deemed not inebriated now?) for seating and headed to the GA , using our bands and lanyard to get into the GA then into the Red Zone!!! To say our friends were surprised to see us would be an understatement! We enjoyed an amazing concert, possibly one of the best we have seen, well worth paying an extra £100 for! but the whole experience has been ruined by the Manchester arena security/RZ ticket people. Don't think we will be doing Red Zone again in a hurry and we wont be going back to Manchester arena anytime soon! I understand they need to be vigilant but sometimes people get a little bit of power and they let it go to their head! Things spiraled out of control, and went a bit helter skelter!


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The more i think about this, the more sure I am that there was a cock up by staff that put tickets in the envelopes, seeing my mates name on two envelopes did not compute ? Does anyone have an email address for someone official that deals with Red Zone queries?

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20 hours ago, mich40 said:

You or your buddy should have received an email prior to the concert with contact information. If not, you could try going through https://www.u2.com/help to get the info you need. 

Tried going through this link but they cant help, they only deal with fan club related queries. Also tried going to Eventim who replied with...  Please could you contact the venue directly on feedback@manchester-arena.com so they can respond as the events on the evening were all under the jurisdition of the venue.

I have already emailed them but I get the feeling nobody will be giving a damn and Ill just get fobbed off. ?

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