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Just got home from seeing both London shows. Well, that was quite the emotional rollercoaster. First night did not go well for me - I had a really horrible GA experience that made it hard to enjo

Back home from London after last night’s show. Just wow! These guys never fail to impress, the effort they put into their shows is extraordinary..and total respect for Bono,he is such a fantastic show

Barcaqueen, whoever you are - thank you your Mixlr is ??perfect

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2 minutes ago, Manohlive said:

Again?   Heather S, I am very sorry.  Here's to Dublin 4 being the best one ever for you and your husband.

Thanks...yeah it’s crap isn’t it. I’ve been beside myself anyway...missing these just make it worse! they are my life, my husband isnt even all that bothered - he just follows me following them (or not this time as the case may be!).  Well, I have to just get on with it...these shows look like the best ever as well which is tough but I am going to watch as much as I can on-line tonight.  Fingers crossed Dublin 4 but I haven’t got a ticket (but someone might have a seat for me) and I already have a flight. Will just see how it goes.  Where have you been this tour?

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Was in the Red Zone last night - was an amazing Experience, 

Seeing Adam leave the back of the stage in his incredibly stylish dressing gown - just confirms the fact Lord Adam Clayton aka The Jazz Man is officially the coolest man on the planet,

Have just read a few of the UK press reviews (particularly the Independent) and can't believe how harsh they are - they clearly don't understand the music or the lyrics.

Envious if you are there tonight - you will have a blast.

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