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Rattle & Hum Screening Dublin Live Thread

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5 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

Let us know!!!

Certainly do remember it. I was a volunteer for Amnesty International at the time and a few of their very lucky members (me included) managed to get into the premier in Leicester Square, London. The whole band were there and a host of other celebs too.

Not so lucky this time, ho hum. But then I'd have a world of trouble trying to get to Dublin with this much notice. 

Enjoy, you lucky people!

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I was in my favorite record store, which I'm happy still exists.  I heard Helter Skelter, looked up and asked, "Is that Bono?  The Beatles?"  My buddies behind the counter nodded.  I had planned on buying it that day but was looking at other stuff.  I bought it and went straight home to listen to it on CD.  By the time I had to go to work, I had recorded it on cassette and listened the whole time.  I thought life could never, ever get better now that I had a new U2 album and my Sony Walkman.  Sadly, the movie was not heavily promoted where I live and I worked nights.  I never saw it in a cinema but that made for a great day when I finally got a copy of the film and could watch it at home.

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