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I’m in Belfast  ❤️

First u2 concert for my daughter.   

Ah, so excited. That's all for now. GB/UK/ BREXITEERS - who really gives a toss. U2 for me - all about the music! I will 'sleep like a baby tonight' and hopefully get to post a few comments tomor

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7 hours ago, Martinmc said:

Hi Max, looking forward to gig..

One slight correction... Belfast isn't in GB. - GB = England, Scotland and Wales. 

UK is GB and NI.

Completely and totally understand, believe me... but in this case, must follow the official nomenclature as on the tours page:


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7 hours ago, The Boy In The Well said:

Hi guys; any news on a GA numbering system? 



Keep checking the board and fan social media periodically... if/when there's information about it, you will find it there...

ETA: this just appeared:


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6 minutes ago, Colm said:

is there a support act, or is it U2 only


also seems early for a U2 concert, how long are the show ?  I'd have thought max 2 hours, therefore concert finishing around 10


No support act on this tour. They have been scheduled to come on at 8.30 at most European venues so not sure why the earlier start in Belfast. 

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