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Belfast show Oct 28, 2018 = Election Day in Brazil

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Here in Brazil, U2 fans celebrate this great band, following up this tour European wing.

However, today, all the news about U2 are related to Bono speech yesterday in Belfast show on our presidential election of yesterday, too.

It is such a pity seeing Bono talking things he doesn’t know accurately.

He is a kind man, a person full of energy and hope, I follow him since 1982, but he could have thought twice about his words on Brazil.

He demonstrated being a childish person, looking at only one side. 
And worse, here due to the polarization if this election, violence was a mark. So, intelligent politicians and people are making big effort to talk peacefully trying to show points objectively.

I can say Bono did it yesterday.

He is very polite person, when he visit countries he pay respect to politicians, even though some politicians are thieves, as were the Kirshner family in Argentine, and Mr. Lula in Brazil: they stolen national companies, they talked one thing and did another.

Bono has a good life. When he came to São Paulo he went in the most expensive restaurant of the city.

Perhaps he does not know for so long how bad is for Brazilians not to have decent way of life because we  trusted but were fooled and stolen from former government as we never had been.

False commitment to society, false school improvement, false everything! A good economist can show Bono all graphics on how the former government destroyed our economy.  

But it seems he is only interested in raising an subject he can’t support... so despicable saying for saying.., Bono is in all Brazilian newspaper today. For me, a fan since 1982 it is so sad, because it leads nowhere. No contribution to us Brazilian, in this moment we do need all kind of support.

Yesterday, he lost a chance to promote a reflection on Brazil big  country & society as great people that we  are, BECAUSE  we are much bigger than :

  • Carnaval, that is  a wonderful historical festival, and
  •  Military career: do not make fun of people who works to end drug traffic and corruption, they deserve RESPECT  - NOT ONLY IN PHOTOGRAPHS! .

Also, IRONIES don`t help. Keep your ironies for your place, or to joke on your fans that gave you a high life.

I am not right or left, I am only interested in life and intelligence.

Sorry to bug you, guys.

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It'so funny how Bolsonaro voters get offended so easily. It shows how this politician has spread hate among Brazilian people. Just remember that Bolsonaro was part of PP, the most corrupted party in Brazil, for many years. 

Bolsonaro will never represent us. Brazilian people is better than him. We are better than him!

Thanks U2 for the speech.


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