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Record Store Day 2019

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22 hours ago, Ilmajoki said:

Visited today in local record store, picked up my order (Sunday bloody sunday/Two hearts Beast as one 7” single and one Megadeth cd). I was asked, am I interested in purchasing Europe Ep? He promised to save one for me.


21 hours ago, Manohlive said:

My record store of choice will not reserve one for me.  They are only getting six copies.  I may pull rank and call the owner.  I've been buying from his store(s) since I was a little boy.  (all local to my state and now in a few cities)  The problem is that he's gotten older and I don't know if he'll remember me.  I think he will because I was in those stores every day. If need be, I'm lining up at 6 am.  I am not missing out of this one.   

Yes, the stores that stick more strictly to the rules of RSD will not reserve copies (so, llmajoki is a very fortunate person). Showing up early is a good strategy.

I have found two places locally that aren’t overly far away and also aren’t far from one another (in case I end up needing to go to both to hopefully get a copy). Saturday will be a very “chock-full-of-U2” day if I can get a copy; I am seeing UF again later in the evening. 😎

Let’s hope we all get copies! 🍀

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I got up early and caught a 6am train to a nearby town to get my copy. When I left my home it was cold and dark , just before sunrise and so quiet and all the birds were twittering away  I thought to


It is heavy, good quality glossy paper that is folded in two to create a pamphlet about 12x12. On the front is the entire Chaplin speech. Inside both pages are taken up of a live shot of the audience

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12 hours ago, dmway said:

Showing up early is a good strategy.

That's what I'm going to do.  I was pissy because I've been buying music from the same company since I was a boy.  It is what it is.  My being ornery does prompt me to get my butt out of bed early Saturday morning.  I still want that record on my music wall, along with my favorite IE lithograph.

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It's Friday evening, the day before RSD 2019, and RSD 2019 releases are already listed on eBay at inflated prices.

Not speculative listings either - item in hand listings.

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I was about 25th in line, but the store I went to had 5 copies (I got the second one; one fellow was in line in front of me who got one too - I congratulated his good taste 😎).

$26.99 here. The other store I could have gotten it from had it for a dollar cheaper, but, since they had only ordered one, I took my chances at the other location. I don’t regret the strategy.

A lovely piece of art! 



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Got mine - $24.99, along with the Clapton and the Green Day. The Dylan was the first thing to go at both stores I checked out. The owner of my regular store took my name & number, in case the Dylan turned up (may have been moved/misfiled). At the other place, the guy was on the phone telling someone that the Dylan was gone as I was looking for it.

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