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U2 Tour 2019 Annoucement Live Thread

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Most likely a typo...

Any official change to anything would be announced on U2.com, their official social media accounts and here in Zootopia...

ETA: Here's the official information I've found:

U2.com Tours Page:

Adelaide U2com.png

Adelaide Ticketek.png
U2 Facebook:
Adelaide U2.png

No mention about any reschedule or any additional date...
Could you please let us know from where that information comes?

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3 hours ago, kastee said:

Does anyone know anything about a change of date for Adelaide? This was on Facebook:



Must be a typo, the Live Nation presale email has correct date😊

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2 hours ago, stateless said:

I am so ridiculously excited to see quokkas on Rottnest Island! Possibly more than U2...or at least as much. 😃

are you in Australia or from overseas? I haven't been to Rotto since 1994. I was on a high school Art camp. one evening I opened the fly screen door to the dorm I was in and there was a slight bang. I looked down and a Quokka was looking up at me 😦 I was worried I'd hurt him/her that I even said "I'm sorry". here's some famous selfies for ya 😉


^ Chris Hemsworth


^ Matt Damon


^ Margot Robbie


^ Roger Federer

and now for the greatest Quokka selfie ever taken so far in the history of humankind... say cheese! 😁 



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Props to whomever is a part of these presales going well.  It's heartening to observe.  I hope the mods' sleep schedules are not too disrupted.  Rock on U2. 


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