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Typo on the presale page, Please fix!

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Well that presale went suprisingly well. I was a bit worried, as it was in a foreign country for me, where English isn't widely spoken. But everything went very smoothly, smoother than the Aussie sales actually.

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On 6/4/2019 at 10:24 PM, PopArtist said:

Yes, it went very smoothly!  Got front standing for night2 and then got a S seat for night 1.  Looking like we might not know exact locations until pickup but hopefully it will be optimal.

Yeah, like you I have GA front standing for night 2. I has planning on buying GA tickets for both nights, but couldn't stomach the prices. The GA standing tickets are exactly DOUBLE the price of the GA's in Australia! Two shows in Oz for the price of one show in Japan sounds like a more sensible option for me. Interestingly the prices of seats are quite similar, it's just the prices on the floor that are way more in Japan.

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