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Dec 1 VIP party experience tickets open to all

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Just clicked through the link on the Tours page for Dec 1, and found VIP Party Experience tickets in section 113 are open for sale without a code. Just an FYI for folks who are interested in that section. Nothing else open, yet. I wonder if this is because Live Nation has realized most fan club members likely aren't in the market for that price level?

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I'm always pretty tight with my money, would'nt dream of paying this sort of money, & don't think the VIP party packages offer good value. They're always very expensive, & are extremely expensive at Singapore (Singapore VIP Party is $950 USD vs $580 USD for Sydney).

However, for anyone who is happy to spend this type of money, the seats at the Singapore VIP party are in an extremely good location. Located in a front-on section, quite close to the stage. Front-on seats this close are available at this venue because of the unusual stage orientation, & don't occur at any other show. Front-on seats are further away at all other venues.

In comparison, the Sydney VIP Party Experience seats are quite far from the stage (located between the CAT 2 sections). However this is where the party occurs, inside the stadium, in the Steve Waugh function room.

No idea where the actual Singapore VIP party occurs. The only time I popped into a VIP party was for Vegas 360. The party was located outside the stadium for that show.

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Agree on the (lack of) value for VIP party package. And the lousy locations for VIP seating on this tour in general. I was actually planning to do Silver for Singapore just to get the book until I saw the prices. No way! Unfortunately, I'd already booked tickets for my other shows so now can't do the package at all. I'm consoling myself with a suspicion the book will be pretty much the same as the 2017 tour, which I already have. 

I've always thought the party package was a giant rip-off, further reinforced by friends' experiences. If they GUARANTEED a on/backstage tour, I'd be more likely to consider it (not at the Singapore price, though). The only time I ever paid top price for a VIP package was for Peter Gabriel's So 30th anniversary tour. But it was in an arena, was only $500, and it included front row center section ticket (I was 2 seats off dead center), entrance to sound check (which was worth the price alone), and the usual crappy buffet food, cheap beer or wine, etc. That would have been worthwhile at twice the price for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's my gold standard for measuring the value of any VIP offerings. 😉

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