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TICKET DROPS notification thread. Go get them!

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Lots of price reductions for Sydney 2 over the last week. Bay 10, now CAT 2 $265 (previously CAT 1 $370). Bay 12, now CAT 3 $193 (previously CAT 2 $265).

Plus the big one, CAT 5 $62 reduced from CAT 2 $265!

Initially these large reductions to CAT 5 were for the back few rows of the Churchill Stand (section 10) & the Brewongle Stand (section 6), which is the rear of Edge's side. Then it moved to the final few rows of the Trumper Stand (sections 310, 311, 312 & 313), which is the rear of Adam's side. But reductions ended up occurring as far forward as row J in the Trumper Stand, which is just in the front half of the rows (which are A-Z, AA, BB & CC). Managed to get 2 cheap seats for my sister in the Trumper Stand, section 313, row K. $62, bargain!

These reductions to CAT 5 have currently moved back to row X of the Brewongle stand (section 6), one of the final few rows.

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Dynamic price reductions for Sydney 2 are at extreme levels now.

Bay 30, was CAT 1 ($365), now CAT 5 ($62). Just the final few rows atm. As it's concourse (lower bowl), there's a chance of some obstruction from a sound booth, depending on where the booths are located, but should be ok as these are $365 seats for Sydney 1.

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