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Does anyone know the process of getting into the stadium with a standing front ticket?  will the tickets have the numbers on it so that there will be no queuing the day before?  

I will be traveling from the USA and wanted to know if I should arrive couple days before to get numbers or we are automatically assigned numbers on our tickts.



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At this moment is unknown how the queue and the entrance will work for the Tokyo shows... there are information floating about how GA had worked for other artists' shows in the same venue, but it's impossible to say if it will be the same for the U2 shows.

Safest is to keep checking the boards and social media for if any information surfaces - if you find something, please share it here.

Also, please do not use the CAPS lock when posting. Thanks.

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As Max has said, nothing is known at this stage. Although it is common for GA in Japan to enter by ticket number, with no queues forming until the late afternoon, just before entry. Ticket numbers are expected to be allocated in the order they were purchased. So people who purchased tickets early in the Red Hill presale will likely be the first onto the arena floor.

It's a ll guess work at this stage though.

Japan looks like such an amazing place. If you haven't been there before, & have the time, I'd recommend arriving early & spending some extra time there. Getting your ticket from 7-eleven when you arrive, & checking up on the GA process. That's what I'll be doing.

Although it's not in central Tokyo, transport to Saitama Super Arena looks quite easy & efficient. So it's possible to stay in areas of central Tokyo & be at the arena in under an hour.

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I'm a big fan of 'first come, first served' to be honest. If you want to turn up a month before the show...great...but if you leave the line you should lose your place.

It's self controlling and simple. However....

My personal opinion is that the 'super fans' are hijacking the shows.

Oh you came here a week before the show, and staked a place in line....BUT you still want to go home for lunch and have a shower?


Anyone turning up the day before a Rock and Roll gig should be ushered away. Sunrise on the day is fair game.

That's what i think.


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Since more and more venues and stadiums dont allow camping, the "super-fan" volunteers who connect with the venue and manage the queue are great.  Organized and fair.  And no, I am not one of them, but the last two shows I went to with GA tickets were smooth and great because of this.  It's not perfect, but best current solution.

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