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On 11/15/2019 at 9:03 AM, jremyu2 said:

Since more and more venues and stadiums dont allow camping, the "super-fan" volunteers who connect with the venue and manage the queue are great.  Organized and fair.  And no, I am not one of them, but the last two shows I went to with GA tickets were smooth and great because of this.  It's not perfect, but best current solution.

They're pulling the wool over your eyes jremyu2! There's nothing fair about the check-in system, they're not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They're self-serving, gaining the best possible spot in the line, with the least work possible.

Maybe a check-in system was necessary in the US. But this isn't the case in Australia.

Yes, I believe numbering is important, to prevent queue jumping, & keeping entry orderly. But the check-in system is a different beast. It isn't necessary, unless camping isn't allowed nearby (this isn't the case in Australia).

Brisbane allowed camping. A local started the line (using numbering), & virtually none of the check-in crew could be bothered to camp out. Only about 30 people camped out, a great mix of 40% locals, & 60% internationals. Anyone arriving in the very early hours of show day, around 4-5am, could get a number from 30-50.

Compare that to the check-in system used in Melbourne & Sydney. Specifically designed to disadvantage locals. Melbourne, with a 1pm check-in, impossible for most working locals. Sydney, a line started around 10am, & well over a hundred before locals had even finished work! Those who couldn't participate in the check-in system arrived early on the day of the show to be greeted by a list with hundreds of names on it. Certainly not fair in my book.

Thank god Japan was different. Unfortunately, I'd say a high proportion of the earlier entries (first 300) went to foreigners, as they were from the Red Hill presale (less Japanese were signed up before the tour announcement, as U2 hadn't toured there in 13 years). But the very front people (first 50), at least for show 2, were locals as they had their own presales.

The exception was Melissa, one of the heads of the check-in crew, who was right at the front of the line for the Sydney shows (I'll just say her first name, as the mods may not like me throwing dispersions about). She came in very late, after the early numbers had been checked & ordered, but were still waiting to get in. Barging through the crowd, flashing her ticket, moving up to the front of the line. Supposedly number 5 in line, the only foreigner amongst dozens of Japanese.

After the first show she'd have known that the tickets weren't scanned, the stubs were just torn off. Was she really the only foreigner, with number 5, amongst dozens of locals, or was the ticket doctored. I'll leave that for you to decide, but I know what my money's on, after hearing about her behaviour in Berlin & seeing her in action at Sydney.

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Agree 100% regards the self serving U2 mafia who 'ran' these lines. It's a shame Justin and other U2 security support them. 

Although Seoul entry with numbered tickets was beyond ridiculous and dangerous. U2 security coukd have coached the Korean stadium in how to manage as with Tokyo culturallythere was an expectation people would get into numbered order not taking into account the mixed nation crowd.

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