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Bought original tickets by ticketek, cheap better seats available now

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Wondering if anyone has had this experience with Brisbane tickets. Bought mine in July at $198, cheapest available and couldn't get seats together so had to buy separate seats for my sister and I as ticketek stated no seats available together ( searched for an hour) and all other (cheaper) allocations exhausted. And sitting right up the back of the stadium. I just did a search recently (last two weeks) and now you can buy $66 tickets, closer to the stage and yep, seated together! Im feeling very duped into buying those tickets and now realised I could have taken my whole family and sat together in decent seats. Contacted ticketek, still waiting for follow up. Totally duped by ticketek here and I am trying to get answers on this one because it clearly isn't right whats going on here. $$$$$! Has definitely dulled my anticipation for this concert now. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this

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It's called "dynamic pricing" & Live Nation have been doing it for a few years now. I'd be blaming them, not Ticketek. As Ticketek just sells tickets at whatever price the artist (& their promoter, Live Nation in this case) has set.

As I said, this has been going on a while. To capture some of the market which scalpers were getting, selling tickets at exorbitant prices to desperate fans. So now, instead of pricing tickets quite cheaply, & aiming for instant sell outs, which promoters would now consider to be a missed opportunity, they have increased the price of tickets. Hoping to get close to sell outs, just before show time, & decreasing the price of tickets, if this doesn't look like happening.

It relies on FOMO, & the fear of the band's most dedicated fans missing out. Many will be desperate, & pay exorbitant prices, to make sure they get a seat. While casuals will baulk at these prices. Casuals will then get the bargains, if prices are reduced.

Good way to really upset your most dedicated fans! Especially in the presales, when the best seats aren't even offered. So fans pay a lot for mediocre seats, only to see better seats offered later, often at cheaper times.

Not much you can do now, except suck it up, live & learn. Or if you're a gambling type, buy those cheaper, better tickets, & hope you can sell yours. Which may be tough if there's good seats available right up to show time. In your favour is the fact there's only one show in Brisbane. So it might sell out, making those poor seats of yours desirable for somebody.

If it makes you feel any better, it could be worse. For Sydney 2, Bay 9 seats are selling for $62. These same seats cost $367 for Sydney 1!

My sister has a GA ticket for Sydney 1, but took advantage of the price reductions for Sydney 2. She paid $62 for a seat that was previously $265.

So armed with this knowledge you too could pick up a bargain or two at future concerts. Though it is a bit of a gamble, & gambling on low demand may not be worth the risk for people travelling to the show, or those who must be at the show! Although there are ALWAYS ticket drops, in the days leading up to the show.

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