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Able to sell Red Zone Tickets?


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 Hello. I have noticed the ticket exchange forum is set up so I requested to join that. This is a general question I hope that can be answered. I have 2 red zone tickets  to Singapore and due to some grotty circumstances which I am not even thinking of, I can’t go to Singapore now. As they are for the red zone, they are collection on the day and intended to be non-transferable. I’m wondering if there is a feasible way that they can be sold if somebody wants to buy them. I remember having been in red zone previously and there were two lovely ladies (I think one is called Emma?) . They manned the red zone and I think generally followed U2 about looking after the red zone (what a wonderful job).  Does anyone know if there is a contact email or something for them. I was hoping that if I was able to sell the tickets to a fan via the forum, I could send the documentation on email to the buyer along with sending a correspondence to the red zone managers stating that this was an honest fan to fan transfer of the ticket and giving authorisation for the new buyer to collect it or something along those lines. Has anyone had experience of this? When I had someone else’s tickets for red zone they were there with me on the day to authorise that I collect it but obviously I won’t be in Singapore hence the question. I’m not interested whatsoever in making a profit of course which is obviously not allowed anyway and I’m quite prepared to sell the ticket at a reduction rather than lose the money. Obviously if it comes to that then fair enough but I thought I would ask in advance.  I would be grateful for any input. Thank you very much.

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