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2019 Subscription Gift Album - Show Us Yours!

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As they start dropping onto doormats, here's a thread to show & tell your photos & reviews of the U2 Live Songs Of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, exclusive to subscribers of U2.com.

Sil from Brazil looks pretty chuffed with her copy...


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I got mine today.  Happy to see a song from a concert that I attended.  I've been listening to it non-stop today.  Awesome package with the pics and sound quality. of the tunes.

This gift is beautiful.  I've listened to disc one.  Every Breaking Wave got me.  How Bono can sing like that, night after night, for so long, baffles me.  I am happy he does.  The sound is really goo

I still haven't Got what I'm Looking for 

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This is a great gift. The set list for both Cd's is amazing. It follows how the songs were performed during each tour, with the exception of The Little Things That Give You Away. But this song is still toward the end which mirrors how it was performed during JTT 2017. Plus, the accompanying booklet of images from each tour is a nice touch too.

Well done guys. You topped the U22 gift.



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