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2019 Subscription Gift Album - Show Us Yours!

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10 minutes ago, pain_18_ said:

  If it helps anyone from Romania ( @bacadorina ) or Europe, on my package it says  GROUP 16 !

Be aware that, while we know that the gifts are indeed sent in batches, we don't know the details of how they work. So it can't be said for certain that this group number is indeed relevant in any way, shape or form - as such, better not to speculate...

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I got mine today.  Happy to see a song from a concert that I attended.  I've been listening to it non-stop today.  Awesome package with the pics and sound quality. of the tunes.

This gift is beautiful.  I've listened to disc one.  Every Breaking Wave got me.  How Bono can sing like that, night after night, for so long, baffles me.  I am happy he does.  The sound is really goo

I still haven't Got what I'm Looking for 

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On 11/21/2019 at 4:44 PM, andrewg said:

Anyone in Australia has delivery yet? No sign of my in Melbourne - the band could have brought them with them last Friday!!!

Mine turned up today (Melbourne) after first receiving notification about 4 weeks ago it was being sent. So hopefully not too far away

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1 hour ago, Mp4766 said:

Mine turned up today (Melbourne) after first receiving notification about 4 weeks ago it was being sent. So hopefully not too far away

first one turn to turn up down under? Would love to see that in a kangaroo's pocket. :)

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On 11/15/2019 at 1:03 PM, lcooper said:

I do not normally post messages but getting nowhere with U2 Support. My gift was sent on the 4 November and U2 Support are refusing to send me a new gift as I believe it has been lost in the post. The UPS tracking number does not exist and I also checked with my post office sorting office. U2 Support say I have to wait up to 8 weeks (it does not take 8 weeks to ship from the USA to the UK) and as the gift is limited by that time there will probably be none left and I will have missed out! I have been a U2 fan for over 30 years, shame on U2.com for letting the fans down!


The same here. Got. an mail on nov 4th and 24 days later still nothing. UPS cannot find and track my tracking number... unbelievable

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