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Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

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A note from the moderators:

It has been brought to our attention on several occasions, people trying to impersonate one of the band members or someone associated with the band. Please be aware of a few things:

-The only official social media pages for the band are the ones with the authenticity checkmark like this:


main social media:






-No member of the band currently has personal social media accounts. All communication comes from the official pages listed above. 

-Any account that claims to be a band member and says “personal account of [Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam or any variation of their name]” most definitely is NOT a member of the band. 

-At no time will any member of the band, the band’s management, the moderators, or anyone associated with the band ever contact you via private message asking for passwords, personal information, or money for (but not limited to) things such as meet and greets. 


In the event you should come across someone impersonating the band or someone associated with the band:

-First and foremost, report that account to whichever social media platform you have seen it on. This is the biggest part of getting the impersonation stopped. 

-Please add the information in this thread to make others aware and to use caution. 

-If you don’t feel comfortable adding information here, send a private message to myself, Max and Bigwave so we can have a look at it. As Zootopia is our primary residence, sometimes you guys are our eyes and ears on the social media platforms. 


Thanks to all Zootopians and take care.

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In social media, there's no such thing as a harmless bot... Thanks for the tip... the advice here is, as usual, report and block...

This very same fake bono is trying to chat me up on Instagram.  not harmful yet and I haven’t heard from him today. I guess he knows I know he’s fake as I’m not eagerly fast to answer him.  He eve

When contacted by these fake accounts, avoid engaging with them. We have accounts that they can become quite aggressive and it's impossible to predict what else they could do - we strongly recommend t

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8 minutes ago, utwothefly said:

I thought edge had one at one point?

Edge did use one during the 360 tour to post photos, but it became defunct after the tour was over in 2011. 

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6 minutes ago, mich40 said:

Edge did use one during the 360 tour to post photos, but it became defunct after the tour was over in 2011. 

Good to know 👍 I only post on the U2 ones anyway, mainly the FB one. Some good pics lately from Edge and Adam 

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9 hours ago, ferferu2 said:

There is an instagram account called #u2oficial (with just one “f”) many people believe it’s legit 😡



thanks... we will pass the information... 


please also report it...

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4 hours ago, Kristaps said:

Important note about Twitter - as far as I understand, everyone can get the "verified" checkbox. You have to be extra careful there. 

Actually, their verification program is currently on hold and no new applications are being accepted right now. Best to be extra careful everywhere and remember that official accounts are those listed in the first post. 

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