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Is anyone going to be in red zone Adelaide Perth or Sydney?

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Is anyone going to be in red zone Adelaide Perth or Sydney?


If so I would like to ask a big favour if at all possible. I have to read some tickets for Singapore and can’t go. I want to sell these (I’m very happy to sell them at 75% face value!) However they are meant to be collection at the venue of course and photo ID. I’ve already posted a question to ask about this but I haven’t had any replies so I’m putting a new post in the hope that some kind soul who is going to be in red zone at the forthcoming shows will be able to help.


I seem to recall that there are the same people that manage the red zone who travel around to all the shows (rather than it being someone specific at the venue who is managing it). If this is the case I would be eternally grateful if you were able to get an email address or phone number of the red zone organisers and message me so that I can ask them if it is possible to do a fan to fan transfer of my red zone tickets for Singapore. I won’t of course be charging more than the face value of the ticket (in fact I will  be charging less than  the tickets value).   And also make sure I do it via this forum or another reputable forum.  I imagine I would be able to send the buyer my correspondence to date plus the correspondence that I will get a few days before along with a letter from me saying that I have sold them at a reduced rate and I authorise them to collect them etc.


If I can’t sell and I’ve lost the cash then it is what it is - it seemed ages ago I bought them and I’m not well enough to travel so can’t be helped.


Hoping that somebody can help ask the question when they collect their red zone tickets at the forthcoming shows.


thank you for reading.

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