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Saitama arena has lockers/cloakroom?

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Hi, might seem a bit of a daft question. 

I’m GA and normally just take a hoodie and tie it round my waist. Did the same in UK, Dublin and Berlin last year. 

With Tokyo being winter I’ll need a coat. So wondering if there are cloakroom/lockers at the arena?

Or will the stadium be an ok temperature with the roof on?

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From the Saitama Super Arena FAQ page:



Q: Are there coin lockers?

A: Coin lockers are available in the following areas:

<Lockers available before entrance>
・Keyaki Hiroba
3 locker spaces are available on the 1st floor

・Saitama Super Arena
Lockers are available next to the 1st floor information desk (Ticket Pia).
Floor Map

<Lockers available after entrance>
・Saitama Super Arena
Lockers are available on the north side of the 2nd floor concourse.
Floor Map

※Depending on the event, provisional cloak rooms may be provided by the event host. Please contact the host listed on your ticket.


Source: https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/e/faq/


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Looking for something else I found this on the Saitama Super Arena website, that may be useful for your interests (and perhaps to others in the community)... I'm aware that it's very likely you already have found this information, but just in case:

Imagen 007.png:

it's on: https://www.saitama-arena.co.jp/e/guide/
Scroll to the very bottom of the page...

Also, click on Confirm specific areas under Floor Map . The maps will be of much help...

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