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Perth #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 Live Thread

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1 hour ago, BigBunny said:

it was good but for me 360 was a better tour. I'm a 90's U2 fan so 'The Joshua Tree' doesn't resonate with me like 'Achtung Baby' does. maybe if they did a tour for AB my reaction would be more excited.

You’re speaking my language too! 👍 

My hope is that we will get our wish in 2021 - a combination tour for a new album and 30th anniversary of AB. How they choose to commemorate AB/ZooTV on such a tour I would leave to them (i.e., they wouldn’t have to necessarily play the whole album in order like they have done with the JT anniversary tours - if all the songs were mixed into the show, that would satisfy me).

I wouldn’t expect a full-blown ZooTV re-enactment either - Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry are 30 years older now (Bono in particular has had a whole bunch of health challenges in the meantime). However, it wouldn’t have to be that for me to be happy with such a tour. I just hope we get some kind of commemoration in 2021 and beyond.


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Thanks to everyone who joined us for the final Australian show of the tour. What an incredible run of shows it's been. Next up, Singapore.

this will be my first time at Optus Stadium. looking forward to checking out the stadium for myself tomorrow evening 😎👍

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