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Perth #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 Live Thread

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I am just way too tired...the flu is going around here and I go my flu shot, first Time in my LIFE. 4 days into I have felt like crud so I am thinking I may have been to late in getting it. We are the last to get the flu in Florida but I cant keep my eyes open and the music is dreamy and putting me to sleep. Kids always went to bed to it. My sons song was SLEEP TONIGHT. MLK, he would sing it after his prayers. LONG BEFORE IT WAS POPULAR, BACK IN 88. Then it was The Unforgettable Fire that the kids would ask for before bedtime after stories. So, I am remembering listening to the record player and the old songs, I am drifting off to sleep. GOOD NIGHT TO ALL OF YOU  The sun is up, temps in 80;s today and I just want to be in bed. TMI, great show, just need my bed. I am not sleeping, but that is U2's song and I am falling asleep typing. BLESSINGS FOR AN AMAZING SHOW. This grandmother needs rest to have the baby this afternoon. Thanks for the linkup and Lord willing I am just tired and not a flu bug. PRAYERS NOT ONLY FOR AMERICA, OR FIREFIGHTERS, PRAYERS FOR ALL THAT HAVE TO WORK TO KEEP OUR WORLD SAFE.t THEY ARE THE HEROS TODAY. IN THE NAME OF LOVE---SLEEP while we can.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for the final Australian show of the tour. What an incredible run of shows it's been. Next up, Singapore.

this will be my first time at Optus Stadium. looking forward to checking out the stadium for myself tomorrow evening 😎👍

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