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U2 in Sydney


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Thirty years ago, my best friend and I saw the LoveTown documentary about U2 in Australia. We dreamed for 30 years of seeing them there. She just had her 50th birthday last December and mine is just over a year away, so we decided that it was time to jump on that dream. Sydney 1 and 2 were some of the most epic U2 shows I have ever seen.

Sydney 1 had quite the rain shower before the show, which locals assured us that Michael (Hutchence) was making his presence known. Stories have it that after Michael passed away and U2 were there for one of their tours and Bono was singing MLK and it started raining as he say the lyrics "let it rain" and it was Michael letting Bono know he was there. The story seemed plausible since Sydney 1 was the 22nd anniversary of Michael's death. The rain did subside before the band hit the stage, and the band and the fans who loved Michael felt something very special that night. I do feel like Bono was singing his heart out for Sydney and for Michael. The show was especially powerful and emotionally charged and the tribute to Michael with "Stuck in a Moment" was heartbreaking.


Sydney 2 had the same energy and fire to it. The band was in amazing form and seemed relaxed and happy to be there; and the songs sounded wonderful. I saw 3 shows on the 2017 tour of The Joshua Tree and even though the setlist hasn't really changed that much, these shows seemed more complete to me. Eternally thankful I got to make the journey to Australia to see them.




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28 minutes ago, xrayjets said:

I hope it was everything you had wished for !

Both Sydney shows were amazing, probably the best shows I’ve seen U2 do.

And as an added bonus you got to see Australia in all its glory 


27 minutes ago, xrayjets said:

Ps I had the brief pleasure of bumping into Mich after Sydney 1 and I can confirm that she is as lovely in real life as she us in the Zoo 😊

It was everything I had wished for! I still can’t get over how amazing those shows were. And as for the country, yes, I have promised my family that we will all go back someday. You have a beautiful land there. 

And thank you. ☺️ I’m so glad I got to finally meet you and Mrs. Jets. I wish we could have talked longer. 

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