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13 hours ago, dmway said:

@Max Tsukino The show is really beginning at 4 in the afternoon? Won't it be hotter than Hades then?


as explained before, we always use the official times as stated on the ticketing agencies and/or venue sites... that time is what they have on the bookmyshow site at the time of opening the live thread...

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4 hours ago, peterferris8 said:

You know what's weird about this last show? It's not just the last show of the tour, it's U2's last one of the entire decade. What a decade it's been.

Wow Peter.  You nailed it with that observation.  I remain so optimistic about what the next decade will bring.  And yet, this one may well be the ultimate decade for the band and the fans.  SoI and SoE so wonderfully recaptured, explained, and celebrated the last 5 decades.  They can't do that again. But they can continue to mature, grow and share. The last weeks of this decade suggests that continues and there is no let down in sight.   

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2 minutes ago, badsilver said:

Whyy did I sign up to work in am? If I sleep now I can get up snd still follow along with most of the show 🤩

I'm usually waking up then(New York time). Not much hope for streaming, it's soo...far away. 😎

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