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U2 meets Stranger Things in soundtrack to imaginary film starring the band as kids in 70s Dublin saving the world from an alien invasion...

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Hey guys,

I'm a musician from northern Mexico and for several years now I've released a series of soundtracks to imaginary 80`s horror films, I just released THEY WILL FOLLOW, the music to an imaginary film about a group of kids in the late 70's Dublin, trying to form a band, meet girls and save the world from an alien invasion, on the same week!

Of course its loosely based on the life and music of my favorite band, with name titles carrying you a little bit thru the story, aside from the echo guitar, it has mainly synthesizers, its sort of U2 meets Stranger Things.

You can stream the album (its only 22 minutes long) here:

Thank you so much for your time, please let me know f you liked it.


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