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U2 Confessional

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I have always listed Zoo TV, in Madison, WI, as my first U2 gig. That's not true.  I did not lie to fib or fool my fellow Zootopians.   I could not admit to my own self the following:

Zoo TV at Camp Randall Stadium, in Madison, WI goes on sale.  In case anyone has forgotten, those were the days we called on the phone for tickets. Remember that anxiety and frustration?   I got through on my first attempt.  A very nice lady answered, told me I was quite lucky and explained it was a minute or two before the sale began. She asked me to wait until she could offically sell me tickets that were gong to make me a very happy man. ..WOO HOO. 

At the same time, the video for Drive, by R.E.M,. premiered on MTV. Both happenng at once made my musical heart explode with joy.  I got very excited, jumped in the air and yelled, "Yes!"..  As I landed, I realized that my cocky jump caused the phone cord to get pulled out of the wall. (NEVER do that)  My heart sank.  I must have have hoplessly plugged that cord back into the wall a dozen tmes.  After all, the universe could not have granted me being in the very front of the queue and allow my own foolishness to reverse such a blessing.  Surely tme would reverse itself, the sweet lady would be back on the phone and sell me those awesome tickets yes?  Nope.

Fast forward an hour and a half of frantic dialing.  All I got was a busy signal..  I gave up.  I would have been way in back when I should have been in front.. The next day, a best friend, who still works in ticketing said, "You dumb ass. You still would have seen it live and better seats might get released. You could have bought those and sold the others at the show..".  (ouch)    I never got to see Bono do that iconic kick while Zoo Station began and it's my own darn fault.  I never saw ZooTV  because I buried my face in a big ole bowl of sour grapes.  That's on me, not our universe..It was a priceless lesson to learn but by losing U2 and ZooTV live?  Are you kidding me?   haha   

So there you have it.  I lied. I'm sorry. It hurt too much to admt I never saw Zoo TV..  Instead, I had to settle for PopMart at Soldier Field in Chicago.  Poor me.   😀

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