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Adam's 60th Birthday Celebration


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Adam was right in front of me for a large majority of 4 of the 5 e&i shows I saw. This picture w/ Bono was my favorite of all the ones I have of him (July 1st, 2018 - MSG #3, for anyone who may be curious about which show the picture is from).

The only bass player U2 could ever have, both in sound and in look - he’s perfect in both.

Putting the “sexy” in sexagenarian. Happy birthday, Adam!



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No pics of Adam because I do not take pics at shows.  I almost always end up right by Adam for U2 shows.  He's always looked so chill onstage.  Vertigo was when I first noticed the grin he gets when he's looked over at us in Chicago.  I have no idea what he was thinking.  Part of it feels like, 'You guys are nuts.',  I don't know.  

Happy Birthday, Adam Clayton.

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Happy birthday to a fellow March baby, and by far my all-time favorite band member. Safe to say you are responsible for this crazy obsession that started so many years ago. Cheers to your 60s and more!

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I am not good with words, English isn't my first language, anyway...
This is a photo I took with my old camera almost 10 years ago (ouch!) in Zurich, during the second night. A very very rainy night. I was at the barrier, in front row, Adam's side. It was the coolest gig of my life!
Loving your fashion style,
Happy Birthday, Lord Clayton! 


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2 hours ago, Madfl3a said:

Thanks for shining like a pink sparkly bass and let us into that light after all these years. 


2 hours ago, Madfl3a said:

Happy birthday to the poshest, coolest, the best kimono wearer of the band, Mr. Awesome Clayton ! (that'd be you Adam. Just in case)

60. That deserves a few words. Or maybe just one... Thanks. 

Thanks for always having a kind word for us fans even if that means showing up late after show in your bathrobe / kimono (Note : it's only cool when YOU do it. Talking from experience) 

Thanks for the #Pinkadam love (and all the times I lost it out of utter joy when we could see it peaking behind your bass). 

Thanks for trying every single time to read our signs at the rail, even the silly ones (that's mostly mines). 

Thanks for being so open and honest about mental health issues and thus such a source of inspiration for the rest of us still struggling. And I really mean that. A lot. 

Thanks for letting me believe I can actually play bass (and realize 2 minutes in I'm way off beat but eh.. Details.) 

Thanks for shining like a pink sparkly bass and let us into that light after all these years. 

Thanks for the smiles that warm our heart and the winks that feel like suspended eternity for a second. 

Thanks for the joy, the thrill and that whole roller-coaster of emotions we experience thanks to your music (and your bass lines. Obviously.)

And also thanks for not swaying too hard on stage... For obvious reasons Bono's stated last tour. 

Lastly, I'm sorry but couldn't wrap that post with a nice wrapping paper you'd like but be sure that it's wrapped with all the love and gratitude I have for you and those 3 other lads who bring me so much joy.


Happy birthday Adam. You rock. Stay awesome. Much love and take care x



I love this! "Thanks for shining like a pink sparkly bass and let us into that light after all these years." That captures Adam so well

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