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Adam's 60th Birthday Celebration


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I never met Adam. The closest I ever came to him, was maybe 10 meters (during a concert). The second closest (in my mind) was when I was in Brussels during the concert day of the 360 tour. We were roaming the city and we accidentally passed the hotel that U2 was staying in. People were all excited, because word had it that Adam would come out and have a chat with the fans. Of course we stayed to witness it all. ‘Unfortunately’ it was only Paul McGuinness that walked out of the hotel.....

The idea that meeting Adam had such an effect on the people waiting before the hotel struck me. It is amazing that one person can make such an impact.
For me Adam always seems that very calm, well mannered, open and patient person. If you are 60, you have experienced so much, people putting you on a pedestal, and yet you are so down to earth, then you must be a great personality. 

Happy Birthday Adam!

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Happy 60th Birthday to Adam.

I don't have a decent photo and I have never met Adam, but one thing sticks in my mind that I believe no one has mentioned so far, is the night that Adam acted on stage as bodyguard to Bono. As told by Bono it was during the Joshua Tree tour in 1987 and the band and Bono in particular had been receiving death threats, due to their support for Martin Luther King Day in Tempe Arizona. One threat in particular was taken seriously by the FBI who believed there was someone with a ticket for that nights concert who claimed he had a gun and was going to shoot Bono if he sang Pride (In the Name of Love). The concert went ahead and during Pride, Bono said he just closed his eyes when singing the third verse "Early morning April 4, a shot rings out in a Memphis sky", and when he opened his eyes Adam was standing in front of him. 

John 15:13-17 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"

What more can one say about Adam.


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On 3/14/2020 at 9:51 PM, Annalisalu2 said:

Happy Birthday Adam!:PinkAdam:

I met him in Turin in 2015, during SOI Tour. He was very kind and friendly with us.

On 11.10.2018, in Milan, during SOE Tour, he was standing right in front of me, on the Bstage.

It was fantastic!

I hope to see him soon!

I wish him all the best!







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