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Adam's 60th Birthday Celebration


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I met Adam several times and he is always so cool and patient to sign for every fan

One funny moment with him happened before the final Dublin I+E gig in 2015.

We were waiting at the backside of the Arena when as always he took the time to sign for each fan.

When he approached us the guy next to me asked him: "Do you happen to have a guitar pick on you?"

Adam replied: "No"

So the guy next to me said "That is unprofessional Adam!" , causing all of us including Adam to burst in laughter

But what I think characterizes Adam the most is at the gigs he always makes eye contact with the fans and smiles, you can see he is having a great time.

Happy Birthday Adam !! all the best wishes #AdamClayton60



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Candy Bar Poem: Turning 60 is nothing one Snickers about. Your joints may start to Crunch and your Whatchamacallit may not work like it used to. This is when you start to have Butterfingers and your mind plays Twix on you. But we would not trade you for a 100grand because we have Mounds of fun when you're around. A hotTamales like you deserves some extra attention on your Birthday! Happy 60th Birthday Adam! Enjoy your day celebrating You!


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During the U2's concert of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, in Rome, on July 15th, Bono asked "Is the bass the sexiest instrument?"

Look at this picture (that I took in Milan, On October 15th 2018) and you will have the answer!!

This photo is on my phone background, for the pleasure of my eyes!!


Our heart beats for U2 at the rhythm of your (purple) bass!!!


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Milan, October 14th, 6:44 PM.  A black car parks on the side of the street and... Guess who gets out? Adam Clayton!!!!! In flesh and blood!!! He walks towards me and my friend and gives us a huge hug that we'll never forget for the rest of our lives. Can you imagine? Mr. Adam Clayton asking you, "Did you enjoy the show, last friday?" He was so kind and sweet!! He even gave us 3 packages of colorful candies, that we have saved as a memento!! I had a really great time in Milan during the U2's concert, in October 2018, but Adam's hug is the most special memory I have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM!!! Thank you for your incredible kindness!!!

P.S. Speaking of Milan, as an Italian, I'd like to say: Hold on, Italy! To defeat coronavirus we must be one and the same!!


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