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#U2getherAtHome - Watch Along Virtual party to get through #SocialDistancing


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  1. 1. Which show would you like to watch ?

    • U2 Live at Red Rocks
    • ZOO TV Live from Sydney
    • Elevation 2001 - Live from Boston
    • U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle
    • Vertigo Live from Chicago
    • Popmart live from Mexico City
    • U2360 at the Rose Bowl
    • U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris

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2 minutes ago, camillettreault said:

Thank you @Madfl3a, for everything you've done these past several weeks!  And thank you everybody for being here...I'll miss these streams, hoping this continues in some way or another!

I hope there will be other thread ideas as well - I'm sure there will be.

Thank you for representing the next generation of fans! I'm glad you are not alone here too.


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An amazing end to a fantastic idea from @Madfl3a

These are difficult times for us all and the U2 DVD viewing has been a highlight of each week (even if I have to get up at early o’clock- its totally been worth it)

Thanks to everyone (everyone !) for their camaraderie, jokes & memories over the past weeks. It’s been awesome- U2 fans are the best. 

Lets hope its not too long before we are all hanging out in a GA queue waiting to see U2.


I hope you & you’re families stay safe and well.

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Just now, ImInAPlaceCalledZootopia said:

I think I have something in my eye... 

That happens a lot around these parts. I had something in my eye earlier too.

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Well ... That's been fun eh ? 

Pretty emotional right now so i'll try to be quick. 

Thank you. All of you. So so much for turning this idea into a reality, and a brilliant one

Those watch along really meant the world to me during those hard times and they have proven once more that we get to carry each other. Some people told me that i'm a U2 fan and a U2 fans fan. And it's true, i love this band just as much as I love this community and this whole thing is the perfect example of why I do.

Stay safe, stay strong. Don't let the silence settle though. Keep being those vibrant joyful souls that i'm honored to have met during those nights.

You all rock.

Thank you.

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Final thanks to @Madfl3a and everyone else for collectively watching all these shows and hanging out at (relatively) the same time. 👍


I've been in the habit of writing further thoughts after our viewings (mostly because I have been unavoidably late for so many of them), so I'll polish off the tradition with one more assortment of observations for this show.

You could tell by following them in 1983 that this was going to be their pivotal year. It had to be. Bands generally were given three albums to break through before their labels started getting cold feet. I don't think Island Records ever gave them any difficulty, but the band members themselves and Paul McGuinness wanted this album and touring cycle to be their breakthrough - fortunately it was; they had literally banked their future on it. (The Wikipedia article has a good summary of all the challenges - if you weren't aware of them before, you'll be even more in awe of what they accomplished in such adverse circumstances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U2_Live_at_Red_Rocks:_Under_a_Blood_Red_Sky

The even more amazing thing is that this was their second high-profile triumph in less than a week - on May 30, a mere six days before the Red Rocks show, U2 played the US Festival in California. The festival itself was far from a financial success (it lost quite a bit of money despite Apple co-founder Steve Wosniak being one of the show's producers); however, it gave U2 a lot of exposure that they wouldn't have otherwise had. They played on the same day as Little Steven, Quarterflash, Berlin, Missing Persons, The Pretenders, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, and David Bowie - quite a lineup. The four-day event had approximately 670,000 people at it. So, their profile before the War tour and the one they had after it were night and day, if not only for these two shows. (If you can find their show at the festival somewhere, you'll be witnessing one of Bono's more gymnastic performances - he climbs to the top of the scaffolding during the show; he starts doing it while carrying a white flag...which he unfortunately drops on the climb up.)

Once the Red Rocks concert was constantly shown on MTV and eventually the VHS tape of it was released to buy, it was no secret that U2 were one of the best bands around and would be worth keeping one's eyes on from that point onward. It was the beginning of their significant live performances too: these two shows in less than a week in 1983, then LiveAid in 1985, then the "Conspiracy Of Hope" tour the following year (the Giants Stadium finale of which was televised very widely) - those all set the stage perfectly for a certain album they released in 1987, and we all know how that went... It can be easy to forget that after their first two albums and the tours to promote them that U2 were operating at a financial loss. Betting it all on themselves in 1983 is what allowed them to become the band we love, then and now.

Well this show will always be one of my favorites - just too many great memories watching it so often back in 1983 and so often beyond that point. The expanded version released in 2008 just made a legendary show even better (only a camera malfunction during "I Fall Down" prevented it from being a complete show). In any case, a perfect finale for our time here together.


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On 5/16/2020 at 11:48 AM, mich40 said:

It certainly captivated me in the early 80s when they played it on MTV quite a bit. 

Same here.   I vividly remember Bono, speaking of the white flag and telling the fans to, "Let it fly."   I was glued to the TV. 

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22 hours ago, mich40 said:

(((group hug)))

Thanks to everyone that joined us each week. @Madfl3a, thank you for dreaming out loud and keeping this going.

Stay safe everyone. This is not good-bye......


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I've just been told about #TimsTwitterListeningParty on Twitter, run by the Charlatans' Tim Burgess (https://timstwitterlisteningparty.com/). It seems to be like our DVD-watching parties but with classic albums, and the artists themselves join in with relevant anecdotes. Would be great to have the U2ers involved in something like this!

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