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#U2getherAtHome - Watch Along Virtual party to get through #SocialDistancing


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  1. 1. Which show would you like to watch ?

    • U2 Live at Red Rocks
    • ZOO TV Live from Sydney
    • Elevation 2001 - Live from Boston
    • U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle
    • Vertigo Live from Chicago
    • Popmart live from Mexico City
    • U2360 at the Rose Bowl
    • U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris

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14 minutes ago, dmway said:

If those in Europe were wondering where all of us in the Americas have been for the past 12 hours or so, we have just now been able to get into Zootopia. We could get into U2.com, but just not here. It seems to be fixed now.


Hi @dmway !

I am in France and had this problem too. Happy to be back on Zootopia 😁

Hope you are all well and safe home 😊 Have a good evening all !!

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Quick memories of the Vertigo tour shows I saw:

1) May 14, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

I got this ticket in our U2.com presale, BUT I was a victim of the bot attack on Ticketmaster. So, even though I got in right when the sale went live, I only was able to get a ticket in the upper level. Very sad. (If you remember Larry's speech at the Grammy awards apologizing for the incident, this is what he was referring to.) Still, it was interesting to see the show from the elevated perspective; at least I was in the front row of the upper level - I guess that's something. 🤷‍♂️


2) May 17, 2005 - E. Rutherford, NJ

I was living in NJ at the time. One of the great advantages of living in NJ when a major band announces an arena tour is that you have a shot to see shows in NYC, Philadelphia, and even in NJ itself without very much effort. Accordingly, I was able to see 11 shows during the Elevation and Vertigo tours combined (it may have been 12 - I still think I'm forgetting an extra show I saw in NYC on the Vertigo tour; I'm still investigating). I saw Tony (the "Bono" of the U2 tribute band "Unforgettable Fire") inside the ellipse while I was just on the outside; we toasted each other at a distance because I had my Fly Shades on too that night. 😎


3) October 7, 2005 - MSG, NYC

The first of the run of shows at MSG. They tried out "Crumbs From Your Table" for the first time live that night. It was great!


4) October 17, 2005 - Philadelphia, PA

A very boisterous show, despite its being on a Monday night. They played "Original Of The Species" that night, and...Bruce Springsteen joined them during the encore! 😎


5) October 22, 2005 - Pittsburgh, PA

This is the show that I saw with my mother (of all people) - if you remember the Mothers' Day thread I started a couple of years ago, this was the show I talked about there. We got into the ellipse that night too. Just a great, great show.


Besides my PopMart odyssey, this was the tour where I did the most traveling. I even had tickets for Cleveland before deciding that it was just too far to drive to. (Again, since they played something like 8 shows at MSG in 2005, I must have seen a second show there; I'm still trying to figure out which one.)

A great tour with great memories...


(P.S. Besides the first Philly show, I was able to get GA for the other shows. A great tour to be up close for.)


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15 minutes ago, xrayjets said:

My calculation (using google..) is its 8:40pm in London now ?




London is GMT+1 during summer time 😅

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