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#U2getherAtHome - Watch Along Virtual party to get through #SocialDistancing


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  1. 1. Which show would you like to watch ?

    • U2 Live at Red Rocks
    • ZOO TV Live from Sydney
    • Elevation 2001 - Live from Boston
    • U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle
    • Vertigo Live from Chicago
    • Popmart live from Mexico City
    • U2360 at the Rose Bowl
    • U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris

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2 minutes ago, mich40 said:

As we are nearing the end of the show, just wanted to say thank you to @Madfl3a for letting me choose the Chicago dvd for my birthday. This was the best party I could have asked for in these times.


Happy Birthday, glad we could all have a U2 party together to celebrate !

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Thank you all for joining in ! An idea is just an idea, it's you all that makes it a reality. So very grateful for that epic night of rock n roll. Stay safe y'all, we have more shows to cry and bounce to !

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1 minute ago, xrayjets said:

For those still here, I’ve moved onto the bonus disc 😂

I might head that way when I’m finished with my dinner. How was your cuppa? 

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Further thoughts on this show/tour after some more time to digest them...

I always loved this DVD (see my earlier post for how often I used to watch it); however, last night was the first time I listened to it in 5.1. When I had it originally, I only listened to it in stereo. If you can enjoy this in surround sound, I highly recommend it. I noticed a few things with the extra channels and with the extra time:

I loved COBL as an opener. It showed off the new album (at the time) and the new visuals well. I loved how much the early songs featured in the set - "Boy" and the early singles are some of my favorite U2 music. Their playing the "Cry" opening to "The Electric Co." was quite wonderful - it immediately reminded me of the early performances like the Red Rocks show. The interweaving of the older songs with the new was well done too - it showed off the strength of HDDAAB.

Another thing that struck me is how well filmed the show was. Lots of great angles of the stage, the band, and the crowd. One of my favorite shots was during "The Fly" where you get a Bono/Larry-view perspective of the crowd near the stage - you feel like you were on stage with them.

The band used the ellipse well on this tour too. Two of my favorite scenes were "Love And Peace Or Else" and "Zoo Station". The band spaced themselves out well all around it on the first; Bono and The Edge ventured out effectively, mirroring one another, on the second.

Having the "Bullet"/"Running To Stand Still" pairing was a nice nod to their ZooTV (and original JT tour) pairing - and yet, there was a difference: they were played more deliberately on this tour; "Bullet" even had a little bluesy sound to it in Edge's guitar playing - a nice difference from the more bombastic versions of the past.

This tour began their tradition of, if you want a little extra energy later in the show, have an AB section! 😎 (They would do this again for the later "U2360" shows and the later European "e&i" shows.) This was the section of the DVD I used to watch repeatedly, even late at night on weekdays.  I especially loved this tour's version of "The Fly". The semi-acoustic (or very amplified acoustic) The Edge played on this song on the tour had an amazing sound - so sharp that it sounded like it could cut glass. I wish he would use it again. With the 5.1 mix, even Bono's guitar sounded really good during the opening; he just dug hard into that repeated chord he played at the start - just perfect.

"Original Of The Species" and "40" near/at the end of the show just sounded wonderful. "40" needs to be come back as a regular show closer again; yes, it was for "i&e", but let's keep having it.

God, I loved this tour - as I said earlier, JT and AB are the obvious anniversary tours (one which has occurred, and one I hope will occur), but I would put "Vertigo" as #3. I loved everything about this tour - the look, the music, the unique performances. It was wonderful to witness it again.


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On 4/4/2020 at 4:06 PM, mich40 said:

@xrayjets, you were saying that this was the first tour that you went to multiple shows. This was the first tour where I did 2 nights in a row and still wanted more.

First tour I went multiple nights as well.   I was at the filming nights and one other.  I saw it when they retuned to Chicago..  I also saw the show in Milwaukee.  It's when my friends started rolling their eyes, tuning me out or stopping me mid-sentence anytime I said U2 anything.  The trend continues.  

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