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#U2getherAtHome - Watch Along Virtual party to get through #SocialDistancing



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  1. 1. Which show would you like to watch ?

    • U2 Live at Red Rocks
    • ZOO TV Live from Sydney
    • Elevation 2001 - Live from Boston
    • U2 Go Home - Live from Slane Castle
    • Vertigo Live from Chicago
    • Popmart live from Mexico City
    • U2360 at the Rose Bowl
    • U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris

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On 3/19/2020 at 7:47 PM, Madfl3a said:

Welcome guys to this new thread that will hopefully be filled with laughter and conversations and will turn into a nice chapter of the zootopians resilience. ✌️


Ghost towns are emerging all over the world because of that nasty virus and the very necessary lock in. Every day it just gets a bit more scarier. Anxiety is rising up for everyone. I was walking the aisles of my local supermarket the other day and all I could see was empty shelves. No toilet paper, no canned tuna, not the one veggie that my kids actually want to eat. That’s depressing. The fear in people's eyes and distancing is depressing. Where is the world heading ? And then there was a sound.. That PA blaring music. And guess what ? It was a U2 song. That’s when I realized that there’s one thing we will never lack of, and that’s music.

Music that lifts us up and brings us together at all times. The good and the bad. 

After the subscriber special streaming of #U2Berlin4k,the worst thing happened. Silence.

We just had two hours of fun, joy and friendship. Two hours that allowed our minds to wander back to better days and take that much needed break from reality. And in that silence I could only hear my own thoughts resonating “ We need that. We need that light.”  And that’s how the first spark started. As it often is, an idea led to another one, to another person, and then another and that’s when I saw we were all on the same page.


As I was saying on my post yesterday, we have all the means necessary to keep the party going. We’re stuck home with a bunch of DVDs and a whole world of friends at our fingertips. The #U2Fam knows all about social distancing already. U2 has been building bridges across the world and our hearts for over 40 years so yes we know how that works to be away from our friends. But we also know how much stronger that bond gets then.


From Saturday 28th, we’ll be throwing watch along parties every week at 9GMT until we’re all out and safe - or run out of DVDs.

Everybody’s welcome to join and participate. And here’s how we gonna do it :


  • We’ll have a poll open here on the Zoo and on twitter for a whole week so YOU can choose which live shows you’d like to watch - People have the power !

  • Every Saturday, put on your DVD and press play at exactly 9PM GMT so we’re all in synch (Note : It won’t be streaming from the site or else, it will be your own material)

  • Chat along here on the zoo or on twitter using the #U2getherAtHome hashtag.

  • Grab a fresh beer or two and install a mirror ball (optional)

  • Enjoy. Have fun. Forget about the outside world for a minute because I promise that there won’t be silence on my watch. HA !


(Pro tip : let the kids stay up to recreate a live show atmosphere - them running and bouncing in front of the TV should do the trick.)


Bono recently said to sing as an act of resistance. Well. He usually gives us pretty good advice doesn’t he ?


I hope to see you around. I need it. We need it. Resist and stay safe.


What time is it in the world ? (I’m not even sure what day it is to be honest....)

One thing for certain when U2 is involved…. it’s always PARTY TIME:Bananaphisto:


No Chromecast????

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2 minutes ago, AchtungGuy said:

I have a hard time deciding if I like this version of the Fly the best or the Elevation tour version.

Oh that's a hard one.... two different universes i'd say. I really love the elevation version... but how can the fly don't be the fly?!

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