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Our Poor Sick World

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Oh U2, come and cure your tree! Look at it, it looks sick! 

Oh, can we invite ourselves to your music and sing along?

Make us breathe, make us heal!

Bono, there is so much more love that needs to be known!

Fans, let's get together, from our homes, let's sing, let's dance. Now, more than ever! Because now is the time to let that light shine, and not to let it go out!

Let's cure ourselves, let's cure our beloved tree.

If you are reading this, please be safe.

With much love,


The Joshua Tree original March 202050.jpg

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Hopefully it will bring us together and make us all better people/civilisation.

it is going to be painful for many of us, but hopefully it will adjust our balance of self entitlement.

it will also be interesting to see the environmental impact of less travel.

love to everyone and be kind.



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