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'60 Songs That Saved My Life'


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So many great tracks on this list.  I've never seen that video for Mother before...wow.  Chills.  I used to play Song to the Siren over and over and over on my walkman, which wasn't easy because it  required precise cassette rewinding.  I also listened to Ray of Light on repeat when it came out.  I need to pull that one out of the mothballs.   The piano on Thief of my Heart sounds a lot like the piano in Raised by Wolves.  I've got to say I would never think if you put these songs into a blender would come out with a Bono Vox, but the man is a mystery.  There's nothing better than when you find a song that speaks to you so perfectly you can't get enough of it, and it pulls you along through rough times.  Thank you Bono for giving me so many over the years!  You're now 60 years and a day.  I hope the hangover's not too brutal.  Ha!!!

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