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Bono’s 60th Birthday Celebration


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Bono turns 60 on this Sunday, the 10th of May. We want to celebrate what he means to us here in the Zoo. Please help us in wishing him the very best of birthdays in this thread with your own birthday messages, your favourite Bono moments, and favourite lyrics. Be sure to add your favourite personal photos to our Bono Photo Gallery here: https://zootopia.u2.com/gallery/album/674-bono-60/




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Happy 60TH Birthday to you Bono

The Fly! 😎

And I see you have you're camera Fly. 😎📹

Yep! 😎📹

It's video on The Fly time. 😎📹

Viral said The Fly. 😎📹

We know you l💓ve the camera Fly. 😎📹💓

My l💓ve to The Fly from South Australia!😎💋 🇦🇺


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Happy Birthday to my favorite singer! I hope your special day is extra-special despite our unusual times. It’s easy to remember your birthday because it is the same as my Dad’s (and the one for one my brothers is the same as The Edge’s - I guess I was destined to be a U2 fan).

This Sunday is extra special too because it coincides with Mother’s Day here in the US - and, as it turns out, my mother was a big fan of yours too. By a strange turn of fate, we even saw a show together on the Vertigo tour; details here:  https://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/39207-u2-and-mothers-day/

So, thank you for every song and live performance you helped bring into this world. You made millions happy. Thank you and the rest of the band as well for transforming the “absurdity of celebrity” into something positive. Whether is was Drop The Debt for Jubilee 2000, kickstarting ONE and (RED), or speaking truth to power to world leaders in general for your whole career, we are all proud of you. Your legacy will continue onward in this world long after you move on to the next.

However, it wouldn’t be a proper Bono thread without a proper action shot! This photo is from your most recent performance at MSG (July 1, 2018) - from the details in the picture, which song it was taken during will be apparent too. It’s been posted here a couple of times and is also the permanent background of my iPhone.

Happy Birthday, Bono! Come back on tour to see us whenever the world allows that to happen again - we’re ready. 😎



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Happy birthday dear Bono, 

Wishing you all the best for your 60th birthday. Maybe you had other plans than being in lockdown for it.. But eh, you're home, with the people who love you the most, and I'm almost certain you've got a few good bottles to celebrate so I'm not worried you'll have an excellent one! 

We'll sure make some noise for you, in our different sides of the world (even if we don't need more excuses for our day drinking) - all apart and yet coming together to celebrate our favourite (very tall) showman. And I promise, that's gonna be one hell of a joyful noise. 

Thanks for the light you (and of course those 3 other men) bring to us, our harbour in the tempest, the voice guiding us in the darkness and always and forever reminding us that there is a light... Turning it up as bright as the sun with your music. 

Thanks for the magic. Thanks for the healing. Thanks for letting me believe that it's okay to be broken because those cracks can be filled with love if you let them. 

I'll stop rambling now. I hope this new decade will finally bring you the answer... Can you change the world? Can you change the world in you? One thing is for certain, you changed the world in all of us. 

Wishing you for this 60th birthday, love and peace or else.. But mostly love, I think that's the spark for everything else. 


Take care B man. Hopefully, we'll be with you again soon. Happy birthday ❤️

PS : Yes I know, I've stolen quite a lot of your words. But what can I say? You're not too shabby at writing those.


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"The showman gives you front row to his heart..." - he really does.

I am speechless in front of you.
Here's my heart for you. ❤️
Simply... Thank you for being Bono. Happy Birthday!

Here's a pair of pictures I took in Zurich in 2010 from the front row, the second (very rainy) night. :)



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