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Bono’s 60th Birthday Celebration

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Happy Birthday Bono!

I have been a fan since I was 12 in 1984 and have been fortunate to attend 34 U2 concerts.

I have uploaded Birthday cards made by my nine-year-old daughter Betsy.

She just discovered The Elevation Tour so she made a heart shaped card for your 60th Birthday.

She also made a "Blackout" Birthday card for you two years ago for the second San Jose E&I show.

Here are pictures of her at Vancouver for JT17 and San Jose 2 E&I.

Raised by Wolves is her favorite song and has understood the lyrics for awhile now...

Thank you for signing the attached picture in Philadelphia in July 2011 on the 360 tour.

Finally, a picture of me with you in Boston on the Vertigo tour.

Thank you for being the soundtrack to all of our lives!

Happy Birthday,

Betsy and John








Bono's 60th Birthday Card-min.jpg

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A facebook initiative had people posting their photos toasting Bono on his big day. This is a collection of all of us around the world celebrating (few cakes, cards and memories included) 🍻 Cheers Bon

There is so much you have already heard, so let me tell you something else. I can still picture you with your long hair, which means I have been a fan for a long time. It started when your hair w

A very Happy Birthday to ya Bono! It’s been a brilliant few years seeing you give your all onstage so consistently.  Enjoy your time off to “dream it all up again” Pic from the glorious Sydney

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Bono deserves every accolade a visionary artist, dedicated humanitarian, great mind and a luminous soul. 

Happy Birthday Bono Vox - enjoy an epic epic celebration!

Your humble servant always, L

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(didn’t realise was a brand name - no plug intended)
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Happy 60th Birthday to my fav singer of all time, Bono!  Been a fan of U2 since early 80’s. Thank you for providing the music and lyrics to our lives. 🎉🎂🍻🍺🍷🍾🍩🍟🍪🍔🌭🍭🍰💋❤️🎉



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Happy60th Birthday Bono!

I had the chance to see you on every tour since ZooTV tour in 1993. Everytime, it's incredible, the joy and hapiness you give us.

The last ones were E + I tour in Köln and Paris in 2018, it was very special for me as I was under chemiotherapy.

But I forgot everything but U2 during the concerts, it was the best moments for me during that period...

I wish you all the best and I hope that you will continue to make our lives happier for a long time.

Here's a fan video made by U2Achtung, I'm shy but I made an effort for you (I'm the one on the video).

Have a nice day. ❤️ 



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6! Yes! Make it a Happy one!

Happy 6th Birthday Bono!!

May health, love and joy always be with you! From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the very best! Hopscotch-time you felt 5 & 6, so how great is 6!!

Have a loveful, joyful Birthday Bono, with your dearest and nearest – family & friends – and everyone else – like me – are celebrating with you on the interweb...

Here's to the big-hearted man with the most magic smile, best hug, helpful jokes, beautiful soul, grounded, kind, and speechless-making handshake – truth – best voice far more than just from the northside of Dublin.

Happiest of Birthday Bono on this very Bonojour!

Happy 60th and many many many many............many many more to come!!!!

Please take care, stay safe – Happy Birthday to Jojo and have a great Bday & Jday with your family!

God bless you!!




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