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Bono’s 60th Birthday Celebration


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Happy Birthday Brat! LOL..60!!! Wow, first time I saw you was War at Orlando, Florida and you were a baby only 23..You had a GREAT LIFE...Good job and blessings for many more birthdays!! Enjoy your family time., Hugs and Love from the Space Coast on the beach in Florida.

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On 5/10/2020 at 11:49 PM, unforgettableu2 said:

It's Paul's birthday....and I remember his birthday every year...like all my beloved family members. Paul's birth has changed my world and the collective energy of the world. I think it is with divine intent and purpose that his birthday is the same day as Mother's Day and  first born daughter, Jordan.

Paul's Mother, Iris, gave birth to this child of enlightenment. Despite her death and Paul mourning her physical/emotional presence most of his life....her death gave Paul a second birth. In Paul mourning Iris...her death breathed new life in whom we know as Bono.

Bono's birth gave a new compassionate voice to the world. That voice, a beautiful gift to the world.....that brings comfort and joy to so many.

What birthday gift would you give Bono?


I’d like to give him a song, but I don’t know if I have any that are good enough.


Bono taught me to sing. When I got my car and could enjoy any music I wanted (especially lots of U2) all alone, I slowly went from the girl who would rather die than sing to the girl who would sing shyly to the girl who would belt it out like her favorite Irish tenor and duet with him on dozens of his songs while driving to and from work.


This took longer, but Bono also taught me to write songs. I was blown away by every track on Achtung Baby! and wished I could write a whole album or even just 1 song with lyrics as amazing as Bono’s.


 I have written multiple songs about or inspired by Bono, but none of them seem worthy to perform for him. I’m glad I wrote them, even the weak ones, because each was a learning experience, but would any of them be worthy gifts on the level of the gifts that Bono has given me?


Thank you for teaching me to sing and write songs, Bono, and happy birthday!

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A facebook initiative had people posting their photos toasting Bono on his big day. This is a collection of all of us around the world celebrating (few cakes, cards and memories included) 🍻 Cheers Bono!


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