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Weird stuff going on

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PiChU wrote:

Haha ok fungus you made me laugh and got me worried at the same time.


Ok this is what brought me to write this post on the first place, and I didn't wanted to say anything cuz I thought it was nothing, but now I'm scared as well as my parents.


The thing is that I'm feeling like crap now, got stomach aches, nausea, diarrea, head aches and swollen eyes, I just had an egg in the morning and a poor sandwich on the evening, I don't feel like eating anything right now.

It was a stupid thing to do, I'm sure it was! last night I had chicken soup with veggies and just a little bit of lemon, after that I had yogurt with fruit that my dad made. Next thing I knew I got up at 4 30 in the morning with a very bad stomach ache and couldnt go back to sleep.


I just drank lots of water, got a pepto bismol, a couple pain killers and said nothing else.

My mum just took my temperature, I thing it's kinda high for the expression on her face, she said it could be nothing but just in case we called our doctor, he's coming tomorrow.


More than anything I feel stupid, I don't wanna worry, I know I'll be better in two days and this will be a false alarm.


(Btw Mexicali is a border town right next to Tijuana and 2 hours away from San Diego)



Yeah, I think I go overboard a bit, LOL. wasnt being a debbie downer.. i just get into weird medical and bacteria talk, lol.

didnt mean to scare you.


but people do need to be extra vigilant, especially around those who are older or with other health problems.



Its probably just a stomach virus. You're young, healthy, and dont have anything else wrong with you, from what I know, so.. I dont think its anythingserious. Just see what the doctor says.


There is indeed a stomach virus going around and food contamination crap going around, so... most likely, thats all it is, too.


Like I said, people with compromised immune systems, are elderly, other health problems, etc.. even with the basic flu! can have way worse effects and end upwith bigger problems.

Don't sweat it or worry about it. the fact you're posting this and how ya did.. alone.. and were laughing, is a good sign, lol.


did you throw up? id say just keep eating soups and plenty of fluids, and maybe 7-Up, or Sprite to settle the nausea.

and crackers.. if ya like crackers. i personally dont care for crackers, but.. try it. lol.

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hey fungus I got all better right away, as soon as

I took my medicine, missed a day of school but that's ok, I had exams anyway lol!

I talked to a few friends and turns out they got sick too, but we're ok by now

I don't know if it was anything we ate at school....cuz we barely eat at school anyway!


Who knows, I havent interrogate them yet.

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Don't forget to take the rectal probe when you interrogate them...whoever 'They' really are.



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Sounds like some sort of groundwater contamination.

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