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#U2getherAtHome Part 2 - Watch Along Virtual Vertigo Party

Max Tsukino

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On 7/29/2020 at 2:40 AM, dmway said:

Status update...

There seems to be enough interest expressed both on-thread and off to suggest that this Saturday, August 1st, is a “go” for launch! 

I suggest the following order for viewing:

1) LiveAid songs

2) “A Conspiracy Of Hope” show songs

3) Milan Vertigo songs


The first two (since they are both on the UF Deluxe edition DVD) we will do one after the other in relatively short order - if there is a consensus among the viewers at the time, we can have a small break between the two.

We’ll have a somewhat longer break (i.e., 5 to 10 minutes) before beginning the Milan Vertigo songs. The three shows combined give us just about a full concert-length viewing experience.

The starting time, of course, is the same as always. I’ll give a reminder of that time in large boldface (as is customary) soon.

All are welcome - see you here and then! 😎



On 7/29/2020 at 3:42 PM, dmway said:


...and here are those large boldface times for Saturday, August 1st, as advertised above:


10pm Paris

9pm London

4pm NYC

1pm LA

With equivalent times worldwide. 🌎


See you there! 😎


All relevant information above - just a little over an hour from now, we will be transported back to the 80s to get the very epitome of the word "mullet". 😄

Get ready...


(P.S. My pre-show meditations, if you liked those in the past, are on the previous page.)


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Since some of us are watching the DVDs themselves and others are streaming part/all of the selections today, we will do our best to stay in sync - don't sweat it too much if you are a little bit behind or ahead. The most important thing is that we're all here together watching/listening to the best band during a few of their very many peaks. 😎

We will pause for a minute or two between "Live Aid" and "A Conspiracy Of Hope", and then have a slightly longer break before starting the Milan Vertigo show. I'll do my best to help everyone stay approximately synchronized - heck, we all will.

A note to the streamers: the Live Aid section on the DVD begins with Jack Nicholson's introduction of U2 from Philadelphia (Jack was in Philly; the band were in London); I don't know if the YouTube version has Nicholson's comments. If it doesn't, know that the DVD watchers will be a little behind you. If it does, that's perfect.

Just 10 minutes now...


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