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#U2getherAtHome Part 2 - Watch Along Virtual Vertigo Party

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for those asking, just got a note from the tech team (i will be sure to send back any comments on the tech aspect of things, they will appreciate I am sure   It’s never been released at thi

One of my favorite U2 stories was for this tour. I got tickets for the Staples center on Nov. 1st, 14th row behind the stage. Was a bit bummed to be looking at their backs the whole show... but, hey,

Thanks to everyone that has joined us today. You are what make these streams so special. Subscribers: if you want to take a little bathroom break and meet us over here for the documentary, see yo

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1 minute ago, ImInAPlaceCalledZootopia said:

I'm glad we're getting started. Yesterday I had a bit of an embarrassing moment where I thought it was Saturday and thus was very confused for a lot longer than I'd like to admit on why I couldn't find the stream. 🤣🤣

some days are better than others...
good to see you here.... enjoy the show

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23 minutes ago, dmway said:

There haven't been any claims saying so in advance, but, if this Vertigo stream turns out to be an upscaled one in HD, could someone please post verifiable evidence of that? The Berlin show definitely went out in HD back in March, there was conflicting testimony about the Sydney show stream, and the Slane show confusingly was streaming at lower than DVD-quality. (Were there any other shows streamed by the site? I only remember those three; the rest we watched together on our own.)

Thanks in advance!


If anyone can do this, please do! Thanks!


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2 minutes ago, Max Tsukino said:

looking and sounding just great here...

man... screen technology was funny a few tours ago...

Baby lightbulbs! Oh my, how they've grown now

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