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Remastered videos on U2’s Youtube Channel


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On 2/16/2021 at 11:43 PM, cgmorgan777 said:

this looks AMAZING!!

Still trying to work out whether that is Tiffany (the singer) in the crowd of fans below! 

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The best present...

"In Gods country" remastered video to be released tonight (19.02.2021). One of my favorite songs ... In days when the days are complicated, this is a wonderful gift from U2 for my today´s birthday. (I never knew In Gods country had an official clip)

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Streets is a night and day difference!! I was checking back for a few days to see if the video had been updated so to go from constantly seeing it in 360/480p on my phone to then finally seeing it in 4K on the TV once it went live was amazing!!


I get the impression some of the videos that don't make it up to 4K are perhaps taken from a tape master and upscaled to HD rather than from the original film elements?? Which is just an observation rather than a criticism.


The full 4K remastering of the film stuff is incredible, amazing work!!



The thumbnail for One Tree Hill has changed!!! After thecolour Pride video which blew my mind this one is going to be the next big one for me ! What's on YouTube now is from some rough tape source so if they've had the actual film restored in 4K (along with the rest of the Tempe stuff) I will absolutely lose my mind!! :)

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