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Remastered videos on U2’s Youtube Channel


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Thanks for the updates Mich40, and Max, I think it is great that they are taking the trouble to upgrade these videos and posting them on a U2 YouTube channel. I am reliving the whole experience all over again.

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:11 PM, 93lemons said:

with the videos they're going to put up on the rebooted channel, is content shot on tape going to be uploaded at 50/60fps or is it just going to be uploaded without? i know tape stuff isn't shot at 50/60fps but it keeps the picture as sharp as it was it was originally. seen a lot of old content uploaded that way recently. usually people converting and uploading their old VHS tapes rather than official band accounts.

that live 11 o'clock tick tock video recently got uploaded and i just find the smooth motion distracting on tape stuff. same with Red Rocks when that was re-released a while ago.

Could anyone who runs this site maybe contact whoever's handling the youtube stuff and ask? would be disappointed if there's a big redo of the youtube with all the videos but the tape stuff just uploaded without the option to view it as we would have originally seen them.


thanks 🙂

Hey was anyone able to get in touch with the people handling the YouTube channel? :)

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