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U2's The Joshua Tree is an interesting perspective on the mythical America by outsiders


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Hello everyone,,

Here is an article that I think does a good job at exploring The Joshua Tree and how it was U2's attempt to create the Great American Album (vs. the Great American Novel). An early title for the album was "Two Americas" - representing the real and mythical America, at least to the band https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/.

When I first heard the album I really didn't connect to the political undertones of the album. I mostly enjoyed it because it was melodic and epic in scale.

As I've gotten older and pay more attention to all aspects of music, I recognize what U2 was attempting to do with The Joshua Tree. Now that the album is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a world tour, it's kind of eerie how many parallels 1987 and 2017 have with regards to global issues and political problems.

I'm interested in hearing what other people think about The Joshua Tree, its political undertones, and whether or not you feel like the album stands up to 2017 parallels.

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