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Elevation Live Watch Party.

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Elevation Live: Join our Watch Party on October 30th to celebrate 20 years of All That You Can't Leave Behind! We're streaming the full Elevation Show Live from Boston to celebrate the 20th anniver

Opinions, ideas and point of views are not monolithic entities - they can be revised over time and changed and adjusted when it applies, even to a point in which a total change of course or an opposit

Let’s face it 2020 has been, well a bit shit.   I’ll always remember though the great times we had with all the watch parties, official & unofficial.   I cant wait to see every

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Just now, burgundy said:

It's so sad that the concert is airing while I have to work 😢 ... I've had it on the background but have not been able to watch more than a few seconds. I hope it's available beyond this afternoon  ... Is this the same concert that's on the DVD? If so, I'll have to go dig it out (or just try to remember it from memory, since I attended all the Boston shows -- plus the Albany one Bono mentioned and who knows how many others on this tour 😀)


Available for 48 hours. Same as the dvd but with a new paint job.

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Just now, Madfl3a said:

Thank god Fly Bono is always here to kick my butt when I need it. There's comfort and healing in loud guitars. Let the rage run free. Best. Version. Ever.



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